Birdcage Veil and Fascinator

Brides – stop spending hundreds of dollars on these.  They are super cute, they are trendy, they are hip and adorable. 

They are also incredibly easy to reproduce inexpensively.  If you pay more than $30 for one of these and it does not have an antique broach attached then you are getting ripped off.  There is no reason to spend a fortune on these items! 

If you have seen a fascinator that you love and would like a quote on reproducing it inexpensively, email me with a picture and I will send you back a quote. (

I think fascinators are lovely and quirky.  I think birdcage veils are romantic and have an old Hollywood mystique.  I think paying through the nose for these items is a scam.  You’re probably only going to wear it once, ladies! 

Now that I am off of my soapbox – here are some photos for inspiration.

Valentines Day weddings

Yes – it may simply be the sappiest thing ever, but for those hopeless romantics that are getting married on St. Valentine’s Day here are some lovely inspirational pictures.

How Do Couples Meet These Days?

In a recent survey, couples were asked if they met online or not; if they did meet online, where did they meet; and if they didn’t, then how did they meet.
In the first question, “Did you meet your spouse-to-be online?”…

16% said yes they did, while 84% said no.
Of those who did meet online, 65% met on an online dating site.
The next highest percentage, 14%, met on a social networking site.
2% indicated they met their soon-to-be-spouse in either through a personal/classified ad or on an online forum, bulletin board or in an online community.
Just 1% met on a personal website/blog, or through direct contact via email or messaging while 6% met their spouse-to-be online in a way not mentioned above.
For those surveyed, who did not meet their spouse-to-be online, the majority of those surveyed, 22% indicated they were introduced by a friend.
18% met their significant other in college/university. 16% of those met them at work.
8% met in a bar, pub, or club while 7% has known their significant other since childhood.
5% met one another in high school.
4% met at a house party or some kind of social party.
43% were either introduced by a family member or met in church.
2% met at some sort of large social event, through a shared hobby/voluntary group, or at a public space.
1% met one another in their neighborhood.
6% met their spouse-to-be in a way not mentioned above but not online.
*The Wedding Report*  – from the Perfect Wedding Guide January 2012 newsletter


Happy New Year! 

2012 is going to be the best yet!  I hope that all of my dear readers had a fantastic New Year’s Eve and aren’t too worse for wear today.  My husband and I stayed in and enjoyed a lovely night alone together.  I am so happy to have my guaranteed New Year’s Kiss.  I look forward to many, many more. 

Happy New Year!  May it be your best ever!