“I Do” for others…Wedding Related Charity Ideas (via Hair Comes the Bride)

Lots of wonderful info on wedding related charities….

"I Do" for others...Wedding Related Charity Ideas Some brides and grooms are lucky enough to have everything they need and want when they get married or maybe it is a second wedding and they don't feel as though asking for gifts is appropriate.  Even if you decide not to forgo gifts all together (and please, this post is in no way to make you feel guilty if you do), there are many other ways in which you can use your wedding planning and/or wedding day to please your philanthropic nature.  Here … Read More

via Hair Comes the Bride

Ashley Carey – DJ/Emcee

I want to briefly sing the praises of a vendor I worked with last night.  She was a stellar professional, easy to work with, and absolutely charming as well.  I must give the caveat that I know absolutely NOTHING about the DJ company she was with itself as far as pricing, contracts, etc.  All I wanted to express is that Ms. Ashley was dynamic and wonderful to work with and I hope to have the opportunity again soon.

The Miller Wedding – 7.16.2011

S and J had a beautiful wedding yesterday at the Orlando Museum of Art.  The rain held off until after the ceremony and photos were done.  The day was spectacular (albeit hot.)  The reception was a complete blast and smiling faces were everywhere.  Of course the smiling faces that Your Beautiful Event loved the most were that the of the ecstatic Bride and Groom dancing the night away, lost in love and in one another  – with the details handled by us, they were free to attend to each other.  It was truly a night filled with magic and love. 

Aulin Photography



S and J – May your wedding day be just the tiny bright beginning to a brilliant, shining future of love and laughter together.  All the joy in the world to the two of you!  

~ Jen and Jenn~




Tips for Timely Thank-Yous (via buffalobrides)

A good little article and at a perfect time for a few of my upcoming brides to get a “reminder” to stay on top of those thank you’s! =)

Tips for Timely Thank-Yous Every bride wants to get thank-yous done as quickly as possible. Here’s how: When to Send Them The best time to write a thank-you note for a gift is when you receive it, says Anna Post, author of “Do I Have To Wear White?” (Collins Living, 2009). In addition to allowing you stay on top of it as they start to trickle in, it lets the giver know that their gift was received. Of course, this may prove a bit more difficult if most of your gifts are br … Read More

via buffalobrides